Welcome to PaddlingFroggie.com! My hope is that this site will be a resource of self care ideas for anyone who needs to reduce stress and learn to enjoy life again. I’ve found that when I take time for myself I am happier and ready to follow through with my daily responsibilities.

You might be wondering what self care even means. It is different for everyone, but basically self care is spending time doing something that uplifts and refreshes you. You may sit and read a book, take a bubble bath, get a pedicure or massage or do any number of other things that bring you joy.

Far too often we tell ourselves, “I’ll take time for myself later” or “I just don’t have the time right now” and this couldn’t be farther from what we need to be doing. Everyone needs to schedule the time they need to replenish their ability to keep on doing what they need to do.

I’m not suggesting that we selfishly spend all our time doing only what we want to do. I’m recommending that each day we take some time to refill our own buckets so we have something to help others fill their buckets. Some days it may be 15 minutes of time and sometimes we may spend several hours relaxing or doing something we love just because we want to.

We can also participate in self care while spending quality time with family or friends, but we may need to be alone. Everyone is different and by experimenting we’ll find what works best for us. There are many ways you can learn to care for yourself. I hope to discuss ideas that have worked for me and learn from your ideas as well. Lets start a journey of caring for ourselves so we can more effectively care for those around us.


p.s. If you’re wondering about the name “Paddling Froggie” I’m going to be posting about that soon.