Tender Mercies Can Come As A Rainstorm

Tender Mercies Can Come As A Rainstorm

Blue Sky and Clouds After Rain I just came inside from weeding and now it’s pouring rain. The funny thing is that there is still a large section of the sky that is blue. The thunder started before I decided to go in. Then the wind picked up so I finally gathered up my stuff and just got everything put away as it started to sprinkle.

It’d really odd to have so much rainfall in July in Utah. It’s usually so hot and dry everything seems parched. The weather seems to be more unpredictable than it ever used to be.

I feel like this storm is like a God send because I’d already stayed out a bit too long weeding and by the time I got up my legs were a bit shaky. I was only out there about 2 hours but these days that’s more than enough. The time just flies by when I’m working in my flower garden.

The weird thing is this is actually the first time this year I’ve really gotten out there and weeded. This Spring I was so excited to get out there and then I didn’t do it. That is extremely unusual for me. This year I’ve just felt physically overwhelmed. Since I have fibromyalgia I need to pace myself and it can be frustrating. I have a hard time stopping when I work in my yard. I know better but I just love it so it’s hard for me to know I need to stop because I can’t handle it physically when I really want to keep going. So I just didn’t go out.

It was making me sad looking at all my gorgeous flowers surrounded by weeds. So today I decided I’d go out for only a half hour. That didn’t happen, but Heavenly Father was watching out for me and because of the rain I didn’t massively overdo it.

I did have my kids come out for a half hour, but by the time they’d actually gotten working I’d already been going for a few minutes. Then when they were done I thought, I’ll just finish this small section and it took me longer than I’d thought it would. I’m just very thorough, and I get the weed roots.

AlyssumPlus I had some annuals reseed themselves from last year and they were really scattered. I decided to put the individual blooms into clumps and that took a while because they were very delicate white alyssum starts. They sure look cute. I hope they survive the upcoming heat. Who knows, we’re in Utah so maybe it will be cool again for a week or so.

In the time it’s taken me to write this the storm has come and gone and now there’s sunshine on my patio again. I can only hear the thunder in the distance, see the rain drops on the windows and the wet concrete to even know it came and left. The sky is clear blue with scattered fluffy white clouds.

The Lord protects us in amazing ways. His tender mercies are around us daily if we just take time to notice them.